6 Ways to Keep Toddlers Busy in the Winter

Winter is probably the toughest three month span of the year, especially with a toddler! The days are short, it’s cold out, trees are bare and most of the time my kids are cooped up and going stir crazy. Today I’m sharing my tips…

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The one thing you MUST do before shopping online

Online shopping is dominating If you’re anything like me, you hardly step foot into a store anymore. Groceries, clothes, household supplies and more can be ordered around the clock and show up right on your doorstep. And we’re not alone – over half of…


Weekly Zeecap – Jan 27

Back again for another weekly update. I’m surprising myself by not scrapping this whole idea to begin with and actually sticking to it. Ha! Despite it being the quietest time of the year, the weeks keep seeming to just fly by. I guess that’s…


DIY Wooden Wall Art Under $10

Looking for an easy and affordable DIY gift for someone special? This wooden wall art with is the perfect option! I love that it is super quick and affordable. Your lucky recipient is sure to love it too!…


Weekly Zeecap – Jan 20

One of my blogging goals for 2017 is to include more personal posts. So I’m starting a weekly “zeecap” post to share what’s been happening this week. Sorry for the cheesy title, I’m open to suggestions.  Anywho, here’s our happenings for the week ending…

Meal Planning for the Week
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Easy Meal Planning for Busy Moms

Getting dinner on the table every night of the week can sound like a daunting task – especially with two little ones. But I genuinely enjoy cooking so it’s important for me to incorporate it into my work week. Meal planning is a great way to…


5 Tips Surviving Cold + Flu Season with Little Ones

Isn’t this time of the year just the WORST for sickness? I feel like my older son is a walking petri dish and everyone I know has some kind of cough or crud. So, I’m sharing 5 tips for surviving cold + flu season…

Mama got a new camera
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Mama got a new camera… Now what?

Getting a new DSLR camera is an exciting moment! Finally, you’ll be able to take awesome, crisp pictures of your family and friends. Props, outfits, scenery, the possibilities are endless! Your social media accounts are going to be exploding with great portraits and action shots…

Time Saving Hack for Busy Moms
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Easy Time Saving Hack for Busy Moms

There is nothing more important to a mom than time! I swear, there’s never enough time in my day to get everything done, especially working a full-time job and taking care of two little ones. In order to save time (and money), I buy most…