Weekly Zeecap – Jan 27

Back again for another weekly update. I’m surprising myself by not scrapping this whole idea to begin with and actually sticking to it. Ha! Despite it being the quietest time of the year, the weeks keep seeming to just fly by. I guess that’s life with two babies…

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Ben’s First Movie

We had a pretty good weekend last weekend. Saturday I took Ben to see Sing with a few of his friends (well, mostly my friends and their kids haha). It was his first time in the movies. For the most part, the kids were well behaved and the movie was pretty good too.  

Jurassic World at Franklin Institute

On Sunday, we visited the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. Except for the insane amount of people that thought to do the same thing we did, we had a good time. We got to see the Jurassic World exhibit that I’ve been dying to get to since it came to town. The dinosaurs were huge, Ben was freaked out at first…. but he hasn’t stopped talking about them since. Every morning he wakes up asking when we are going back to see the dinosaurs. 

The OA

I spent a good chunk of the week watching the OA on Netflix. If you haven’t seen it and liked Stranger Things, I think it’s even better and would highly recommend it! I was hooked, but I do usually love sci-fi thrillers. It’s basically about a missing woman who reappears after 7 years and finding out what happened to her over that time she was away. Just watch it and then come talk to me about some theories of what the ending REALLY meant. 

Sunshine, Finally

We had at least one sunny day to break up the doom and gloom that has been this week. Honestly once I saw the sun break through the clouds, I didn’t care what the temperature was outside, we were getting out. I also opened all of the windows because it was time to air out the germs that have been passed around between the kids over the last few weeks. 

Eye-fi Memory Card

I bought a new WiFi memory card for my DSLR. My cellphone does a decent enough job with pictures and of course it’s with me 99% of the time… so I tend to use that way more than my DSLR. However, to get me out of the rut I’ve been in, I splurged for the WiFi memory card and I have to say, it makes uploading way easier. I’m hoping the ease of uploading really pushes me to use the camera more! If you’re into photography, or just getting started, you might like my post, Mama Got a New Camera, Now What?.

Thanks for checking in, have a great weekend!

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